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Experience Tibo – deep hole drilling machines for highly specific applications

Since 1994 the name Tibo stands for highly sophisticated process solutions in deep hole drilling. Settled in the town of Pfullingen (GER), the permanent pursuit of quality and refinement has always been the hallmark of Tibo’s world-acclaimed reputation.

As one of the leading suppliers of single-spindle or multi-spindle deep hole drilling machines the TIBO Tiefbohrtechnik GmbH provides sophisticated solutions for sophisticated tasks. The excellence of Tibo deep hole drilling machines is recognized in a wide range of branches throughout the world including hydraulics, pneumatics, aerospace, renewable energies and medical technologies.

Modularity. Performance. Precision

Tibo deep hole drilling machines stand for quality made in Germany – the components as well as the machines itself are manufactured in the company plant in Pfullingen. Tibo deep hole drilling machines involve diameters of 2 mm to 400 mm and drilling depths of up to 12,000 mm and more. Durability, flexibility and a unique design are just some the reasons why customers on every continent trust in Tibo.

Tibo gun drilling machines

Tibo gun drilling machines is the right choice for deep hole drilling tasks with smaller drilling diameters. A characteristic of the gundrilling method is that the coolant is introduced through channels inside the tool shaft. It is removed together with the drilling chips via a V-shaped slot (beading). Our unique machine concept with harmonized high-quality components enables deep hole drilling operations to be performed down to a drilling depth of 4,500 mm or more – with maximum precision and at high speed.

Tibo BTA deep hole drilling machines

BTA deep hole drilling machines from Tibo provide the perfect solution for larger drill diameters of 18 mm to 250 mm solid drilling (up to 400 mm counter-boring) and drill-depths of up to 12,000 mm. One of the major characteristics of BTA deep hole drilling is that the coolant, in contrast to the gun drilling method, is introduced and removed in the opposite way: Thanks to the larger diameter the drilling chips can be removed through the tool’s interior, whereas the coolant is introduced via a coolant pressure head (BOZA) from the outside through the annular gap between the bore hole and the drill. Tibo BTA deep hole drilling machines are also available as single-spindle and multi-spindle versions. By selecting different gearboxes and depending on the drilling task different drive variants can be accomplished.

The modular design as well as the further available accessories allow additional machining methods such as skiving and roller burnishing, pull boring and bottle boring. Proven components and state-of-the-art tools guarantee highly precise drilling results.

Tibo modular system: Maximum efficiency for your deep hole drilling task

Our deep hole drilling machines, whether for gundrilling or BTA deep hole drilling, are made to stand in accordance with your deep hole drilling requirements. This means that we offer you a huge variety of available machine configurations for standard applicactions as well as for highly complex special machines with up to 12 spindles. Thus Tibo developed a modular system which ensures your project to be realized swiftly and with an abundance of available configurations - the average time from the placement of an order to delivery is just 4 to 6 months.

Deep hole drilling made in Germany

Depending on the model, the systems also have a high-performance drilling data memory in which repeat applications can be stored. This means that machine is ready for action in a very short amount of time. Furthermore Tibo offers an additional option, which enables the machine to temporarily shut down individual spindles. Another important advantage of the Tibo control concepts is its remote capability. Not only does this allow the machine data to be edited and saved on a PC, it also permits genuine remote access, for example for maintenance purposes. If it is necessary Tibo staff can also access the machine to check the control process parameters and optimize them if required.

Intuitive control technology

Our deep hole drilling machines have intuitive control technology which sets the ground for maximum process reliability and control. Via the touch panel, the process operator obtains all the important parameters at a glance. In addition he can also perform optimisations during ongoing operation. Depending on the drilling task the chip breakage is individually programmable and thus guarantees low tool wear and maximum efficiency. If a fault occurs, the system remembers the drill’s current position.

Short-term available spare parts and machines

The modular design of our deep hole drilling machines guarantees the long-term compatibility and availability of all accessories and spare parts. Our extensive stock and logistics programme ensures swiftly delivery – world-wide. The Tibo portfolio also offers short-term available machines which are the right choice for very urgent deep hole drilling tasks with a limited time-space. Hence Tibo gun drilling and bta deep hole drilling machines are a reliable partner for your deep hole drilling task.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us via telephone +49 7121 99426 0 or send us a machine enquiry.


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The Tibo modular system is as simple as it is ingenious, and offers almost limitless configuration possibilities – from the universal standard machine to part-specific special solutions. more



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